An Eye for an Eye or How to Renounce God

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Jesse meets God

After the long journey of finding God, Jesse Custer finally got a hold him through a peyote trip. He was the same bastard he always is, holding the Almighty accountable for his sins, for his abandonment of mankind. If you ask me, this a true hero: a man who can forsake God not because he feels rebellious but because he feels that the Creator is responsible for the misery in the world. But sometimes that doesn’t go as well as planed…

An eye for the loving God

From: Preacher # 49 – Salvation (1999)
Art by Steve Dillon, Words by Garth Ennis

Not Enough Gun

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Death of family

Not enough gun

From: Preacher #37 – War in the Sun (1998)
Art by Steve Dillon
He who can endure the death of family will be strong enough to survive an atom bomb. His anger and his hate had already frozen hell over, a few thousand megatons are a mere breeze of heat for the angel of death. I reckon so.

Birth of the Saint

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“The Angel of Death gave up his sword. It was melted down in the last fire that burned in hell, and from its steel the devil forged a pair of Walker Colt revolvers. These guns will not misfire, nor will their hammers fall on empty chambers. No shot they fired would miss its mark. No wound they gave would be anything but fatal. The Lord of Hell then went on to work on the body of the Stranger, stitching on the wound and gashes, sealing bone back to the bone and meat to the meat. But his work was rushed and his hand untrained, and the flesh he tried to hard to heal would always bear his mark.”
From: Saint of Killers #4, 1996

And so he took his leave of hell

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